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 The Rules 101

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PostSubject: The Rules 101   The Rules 101 EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 7:07 am

Rules of Conduct: The Rules

1. Respect your fellow members. Personal attacks on fellow posters will not be tolerated. No racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or political comments that are designed to harass or insult others will be allowed. Although we are all here for Adam, we have many different people here, and each of us has a unique view and our own opinions. Everyone should feel free to express those opinions. You can disagree with others, but keep it polite and respectful and do not make it into a personal attack. Don’t tell others how they should post, or that their opinions are not those of a true or good fan. This also applies to PMs… do not send nasty or harassing PMs to other members.

2. Respect Adam Lambert. While this is a fan forum, and we are free to discuss Adam and his career, no bashing of Adam, his family or his friends will be allowed. That does not mean you have to like or agree with all his choices; it does mean that you should express your opinion in a polite and respectful manner. Also please remember that like all people, Adam and his family have personal lives. Respect their privacy, as you would like yours to be respected. If you are ever unsure if something is appropriate to be posted, please PM a mod and ask for their opinion before you post.

3. Rumors are not fact. Please do not post rumors, as we do not want this board to be a source for spreading things that are untrue, or unverified. If you don't have positive confirmation from a reliable and easily checked source, please do not post the information. As always, check with a moderator before posting if you aren't sure.

4. Respect other message boards and their members. Respect other message boards and their members. Don’t come here and bash another board, site, blog, etc. or its writers or members. Don’t use this board to plan attacks on other boards or sites. People tend to post where they are comfortable; if you aren’t comfortable with another board and their rules or posters, don’t talk about it here. Remember that everything you post here will be read by people who post other places, so don’t assume that what you say here is private. It’s not.

5. This site is rated PG-13. You must be 13 years old to be registered on this site, and all minors are assumed to have parental permission, guidance and monitoring. While sexual innuendos can be fun and are acceptable on this site, pornography, explicit sexual comments, images and links are not. Posts deemed by the moderators to be too graphic will be edited or deleted. NO X-RATED MATERIAL, LINKS OR DISCUSSION WILL BE ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Please remember that what you are posting may well be read by minors. Keep your comments to something you would be comfortable saying around a young person, and you won’t have any problems here. This includes PMs. Do not send any PMs with R or above rated comments, links, pictures etc. to anyone under the age of 18.

6. No Spamming. Do not send out mass PMs to share news. If you want to tell everyone something, post it in the appropriate section of the board. There are limits on the number of PMs that can be in everyone’s inbox, so please don’t annoy others by taking up their inbox space with spam. If you aren’t sure where something should be posted, feel free to message a mod and ask for guidance. Be aware that if you DO send out spam, your PM privileges may be temporarily or permanently restricted or revoked.

7. Use Common Courtesy When Posting. Posting in all caps, using excessive “net-speak,” or using very large, very small, or very brightly colored fonts can be difficult to read. Those types of fonts should be used to emphasize a point, not to make a simple statement. Feel free to make your posts your own style, but please don’t annoy everyone while you’re doing it.

Cursing is fine within limits. Please don’t overdo it. If you do, your post may be edited or deleted. We can censor words, but we’d prefer not to, so use your common sense please.

Please don’t overquote. Just quote the relevant part of a post, so that the thread doesn’t get all messy and difficult to follow. Also please don’t keep reposting a picture over and over. While we all appreciate a good picture, it doesn’t need to be seen ten times on the same page.

Try to include everyone in the conversations taking place on the board.
While everyone will have people on the forum they are closer friends with, please do not be cliquish in your posting. Don’t carry on a conversation with your BFF in a thread. You can do that in PMs.

8. Keep your posts on-topic. Try to keep your posts in a thread on the topic being discussed. Look to see if there is an existing thread on the topic you want to post about before you start a new one. If you start a topic, and one already exists, it will be merged into the existing one. Please use common courtesy and give credit where it is due when posting someone else’s writing, pictures, videos, news, artwork, etc.

While this site is primarily about Adam Lambert, we know that there are many other topics you would like to discuss. The “Anything Else” forum is for chatting, discussing other tv shows, movies, music, entertainers, books, hobbies, and… well, anything else you’d like to talk about.

9. Feel free to link. Links to other sites, media, etc. are welcome here. (Unless it’s to an X-rated or porn site, of course.) To keep the page from stretching, we encourage you to put in a short descriptive link rather than the direct URL. If you have any questions on how to do this, just ask.

10. Moderators decisions are not to be discussed on the board. If you have questions about or concerns with how the mod team has handled something, send a PM to an admin or mod. Do not question moderator actions on the board. Rest assured that the team works together in making decisions, and that any actions taken were not done lightly.

11. Report abuse when you see it. If you see a post that is breaking forum rules, use the “report abuse” button on the post to send a message to all the moderators and admins. Briefly describe the problem in the message box you will see when you report a post. That message will go out immediately to all admins and mods. Do not “fight back” if someone is being abusive or nasty. Simply report the post, and then ignore the poster.

12. Be yourself. Do not impersonate someone else. You may mean it to be funny, but you might cause hurt feelings, or cause someone to give you personal information they would not normally give out. Do not register more than one name on this site. Multiple accounts are not allowed, and will be deleted if found.

Also please don’t pretend to be someone or something you aren’t. Wherever you are from, whatever your age, whatever your profession… you bring something special to the board. We encourage you to be yourself, and share your unique perspective with everyone. It’s always nice to see how we all – old and young, from near and far – can coexist together, and it is helps show what a wide range of fans Adam has.

13. Don’t “Tease”. Do not hint that you have insider information, then refuse to say what it is. If you know something, and you feel comfortable in sharing it, please do. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it, then keep it to yourself, and don’t insinuate to others that you know something.

14. Knowing the rules is your responsibility. When you sign up to post here, it is assumed that you read the rules and that you agree to follow them. The moderators on this board do not always have time, nor do we feel that it is necessary for us to PM you if we need to modify or delete a post of yours because it breaks a rule. Moderator decisions are not undertaken lightly, and when they are made, the decisions are final. If you have a question as to why your post was removed or modified, feel free to PM any mod team member for clarification, but do not post about it on the board. Questioning moderator actions on the board is not allowed.

15. Use of This Board’s Name Elsewhere Any activity or statement that you make anywhere else which purports to represent this board as a whole, or any gifts given to Adam on behalf of the members of this board, or in the name of this board, MUST have moderation team approval first. We don’t claim to be perfect, or to know everything, but when it comes to the board and its name, some controls do have to be in place.

16. Contests held on this board - Please note that while we believe contests are fun and a great way to get involved with other members, no contest should be started on this board without first getting the permission of the Admin/Mod team. If you have an idea for a contest or game, please PM it to an Admin or Mod before you post it.

Also note that if any approved contest or game that is held here offers prizes, the Admin and Mod team has no responsibility for the delivery or follow through of those prizes. That responsibility will remain between the contest holder and the prize winner.

17. The moderators of this forum take actions such as removing threads and posts, and/or suspending or banning members based on the Rules of the forum. However, they reserve the right to perform such actions at their sole discretion if they believe the content posted by a member or a member's conduct does not follow the site's philosophy and standards.


The moderators and administrators of this board are performing these duties as a labor of love. No one gets paid for the time they spend overseeing this board. All members of the team are fans of Adam Lambert first and foremost, and work together in order to make this board the best place it can be. Rest assured that any moderation decision made has been discussed and agreed upon by the team.

The moderators expect that all members have read the rules and agree to them. Flagrant and repeated violations of the rules may lead to warnings, or suspension of your posting privileges for a time, and could lead to a permanent ban (by username and/or IP) from the board. The team does not like to do these things, and expect that instances where it will be necessary will be few and far between, but they reserve the right to take any and all actions necessary to keep this board the fun, friendly place that it is meant to be.

Please don’t ask a moderator how they became a moderator, or ask if you can become a moderator. This board has a massive number of members, and obviously everyone cannot be a moderator. Please understand that the moderators are just fans of Adam, the same as everyone else, and all are your peers. They will be posting alongside you in the threads, enjoying Adam and following his career just as you are.


This site's Privacy Policy ensures your privacy on this site. You are not obliged to give any personal information for registration purposes, and any information that you choose to disclose (e.g., in your profile, posts or via PMs) is entirely at your own discretion.

Moderators participating in these forums are not responsible for the privacy practices of any user. Remember that all information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to share any of your personal information.


Thank you so much for taking the above into consideration in your posting and for your participation on this board. Now get out there and HAVE SOME FUN! *wink*

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PostSubject: Re: The Rules 101   The Rules 101 EmptySat Oct 17, 2009 2:06 pm


All posts made in this forum are the sole responsibility of each poster. The board moderation team is constantly reviewing the posts to make sure they are within the rules of the board, and any applicable regulations, but they cannot be held responsible in any way for any individual member's posts.

Specifically, any post which contains material of a questionable nature, such as pirated music or video, whether removed or not removed by the Moderators of this forum is in no way an expression of approval to commit illegal acts by either this board or its moderating members.
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The Rules 101
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